Name: Magdalena Bator

Residence: Baden Württemberg, Germany

Languages: Polish, German, English, Russian

Favorite motto:  "L'azione e tutto, la gloria niente" - The deed is everything, the glory nothing.

Since my works are part of me :), I allow myself to this point, a small addition to my person ...


1980, two wonderful people have given me life, for which I'm incredibly grateful to them!





At the age of 21 years, I have to move my residence to Germany, I've never regretted it. Life here was/ is in fact very interesting!

The first eleven years were spent near Heidelberg, a beautiful inspiring city. Than I discovered Berlin and now I enjoy my life in Baden Württemberg.

Even as a little girl I loved the creative side and I was interested in everything that was unknown and mysterious. Life always discover something new and always know, everything has a meaning, even if we don't recognize this immediately ... yes, it is incredibly important for me- on my little trip around the world.

I love to observe people's behavior in different situations and think about how ... how do ... why ... where ...


What really fascinated me, people who are strong enough to show themselves as they are, they needn't have to lie to achieve something; no need to use the cowardly excuses, but their strenght again, sees the truth.

My thoughts, fantasies and dreams, I give life to the canvas- the dwelling in a wonderfully beautiful alien-known world.

Most of my works are dedicated to my dearest dad.


I always look forward with optimism and collect for me the cute little stories written by life.



Your Lena